Furnace Wreaking Havoc With Your Allergies? Clean And Oil Your Furnace

Although spring and summer are the most common times of the year for seasonal allergies, you can also experience puffy eyes, dripping sinuses and other symptoms during the winter. One of the things you wouldn't expect to cause your wintertime allergies is your furnace. As your furnace circulates heated air through the home, it picks up hidden pollen, pet dander and other contaminants, which build up inside the furnace's blower motor and blower fan. [Read More]

6 Benefits Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an alternative to traditional heaters and air conditioners and have been growing dramatically in popularity in recent years. In fact, studies show purchases of heat pumps have grown around 20 percent per year annually for the last couple years. Heat pumps work by pumping heat into the home, circulating it in the winter, and pumping it out of the home during the hotter months. Here are six benefits of heat pumps to consider: [Read More]

2 Air Conditioning Myths You Might Believe (And How They Could Be Hurting Your System)

As soon as you receive your first power bill as a new homeowner, you might be interested in cutting your costs — without sacrificing your comfort. Unfortunately, well-meaning friends and family members might offer HVAC tips and tricks that can actually harm your air conditioner. Here are two air conditioning myths you might believe and how they could be hurting your system: 1: Bigger is Better If your air conditioner doesn't seem to be cutting it, you might be tempted to switch out that small system for a much larger version. [Read More]

AC Fan Quit Working? Here's How You Restart it

If your air conditioner's fan quits working, clean the unit and check the run capacitor for problems. The run capacitor sends or relays power to the unit's fan motor during operation. Sometimes, dirt builds up inside the capacitor and power to the fan motor. Dirt, grass and weeds can also disrupt the unit's performance by blocking the flow of air around and in it. If these things happen, your cooling system fails and requires major repairs or a replacement. [Read More]