Need an AC Unit But Worried About Budget? Take Out a Loan and Redo the HVAC System

If you have moved to an area where the summer temperatures are hot and you have a home that doesn't have central air, get this installed before you are sweating throughout the night. The cost can be a concern for homeowners, but there are many affordable units on the market that are still efficient.

You will have to get estimates to see what the project will cost. Set a budget for the project, and if you need a new furnace and hot water heater as well, you may want to take out a small home equity or improvement loan to get everything done at once. Here are things to ask about.

Efficient Units

You want heating, cooling and hot water tanks that are efficient. Talk with the HVAC service professionals about getting units that are Energy Star certified. Running an air conditioner for multiple months throughout the year is a lot more affordable when you have an efficient unit. Ask for a unit that runs at over 90 percent efficiency but that is still cost-efficient.

Duct Work Repairs

Up to 30 percent of air loss is from leaks in the ducts. Have the ducts looked at to make sure that the air from your air conditioner or furnace doesn't get lost. Sealing the ducts can also be beneficial if you can put it in the budget and if you already have the professionals at your home doing work on the property.

Air Quality Monitor

The air conditioner will work as a dehumidifier for the home. This means you can improve the air quality and keep the moisture out of the air during weather that is humid and muggy. You can also get a unit that helps to filter and purify the air to improve the quality of your air in your home.

With more than one quote for the work, you can compare the costs and determine what company is offering the highest quality air conditioning unit for the best cost. You also want to ask the company if they put a warranty on their service and if they will manage service installation problems within a specific date from the installation.

The unit should also have a warranty from the manufacturer. Set a budget and get the cooling unit you need. If your entire HVAC system needs an overhaul, consider taking out a loan and updating and upgrading all the units. Contact services like Air Pride Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc. to learn more.