3 Heating Options For Your Commercial Building

If you are contemplating heating possibilities for your commercial business, there are a multitude of options that are available. In order to choose the best option and make the wisest investment, you should first understand your business needs. Keep reading to learn three heating options that are available.

Commercial Boilers

Many companies implement boilers of high performance to heat the interiors of their buildings. For these systems, businesses have the option of choosing oil or gas to power them, depending on the resources that available in the area. It is important to understand ahead of time that this particular heating option may not heat as quickly as other options as a result of the delay between the starting of the boiler and the circulation of the heat. To ensure that your business's heating bills remain minimal in cost, opt for a modern, upgraded boiler equipped with high energy efficiency ratings.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Companies that are looking for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating options may want to look to natural energy solutions like geothermal heat pumps. These pumps, which are sometimes called ground source heat pumps, get their heat from the ground below and then transfer it to the building. Because these pumps utilize a renewable energy source rather than fossil fuels, geothermal heat pumps can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Radiant Heating

Radiant, or hydronic, heating systems work by allowing water to circulate throughout the interior of a building via special tubing that is installed in the floors and ceilings. Innovative solutions like this utilize the structure of your commercial building to transfer hot or cool energy as needed to certain areas. Comparable to geothermal heat pumps, this heating solution is incredibly eco-friendly and energy-efficient, making it a great option if you and your company are looking to reduce your overall carbon footprint and save money on heating costs.

Regardless of whether you are just a startup, moving to a new location, or remodeling your existing business, if you are in need of a heating system, you have options available. The more familiar you are with the heating options, the more informed of a decision you can make for your commercial business. Reach out to commercial heating contractors in your area to help you make the right choice based on your property, location, budget, and individual needs. These same commercial heating contractors can help with the installation, future repairs, and maintenance.