3 Tips To Prevent Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

During the middle of summertime, you can find yourself extremely uncomfortable if your air conditioner breaks down, leading you to contact a professional air conditioning repair service. Many homeowners likely prefer to avoid emergency repair services, and to do this, you may need to invest in preventive measures prior to the arrival of warmer weather. Keep reading to learn a few steps that you can take to avoid emergency air conditioning services being needed in the foreseeable future.

Regularly Replace Your Filters

In the event that the air filters in your air conditioning system are extremely dirty or have become clogged, it can cause airflow to be restricted and cause the system to work significantly harder than it needs to in order to circulate cool air through the house. In addition, it can lead to blockages that may result in the AC breaking down completely. Therefore, it is essential that these filters are replaced on a regular basis.

The frequency at which you replace your filters will depend on your air conditioning system, the kind of filters that are being used, how often the system is in use, as well as a variety of other factors such as whether anyone in the home suffers from allergies and whether there are any pets inside the home. Regardless of the type of air conditioning system you have, you should have no issue taking the filter out and seeing how dirty the filter is. If it is significantly covered in dirt, it is wise to replace it.

Protect the AC Unit

The air conditioning unit itself, which is generally located outside of the house, can be the culprit for several issues that can result in emergency repairs. For instance, the AC coils can be eroded by dog urine, while small animals can cause damage to the exterior shell of the unit, resulting in interior parts becoming vulnerable to the elements. To prevent damage like this, a small fence can be put up around the outside unit.

Get Tune-ups Regularly

Professional contractors can assist in ensuring that your air conditioning unit is in tip-top working order to prevent the need for emergency repair. A seasonal or an annual inspection can allow a professional to pinpoint minor issues with your air conditioning system before they have a chance to become major problems.

For more information about preventing emergency AC repairs, get in touch with an air conditioner repair service in your area.