Air Conditioning Tips For Your Beach House

If you own a beach house, one thing that you might be focused on is keeping it cool during the summer. These air conditioning tips should be quite helpful if you're a beach house owner.

Choose a Big Enough Unit

Depending on where your permanent home is, you might live in a different zone than the zone that your beach house is located in. Put simply, because many beach areas get much hotter in the summer than many other areas, a bigger and better air conditioning unit might be required. To keep your beach house nice and cool in the summer, it is important for you to make sure that you choose a unit that is big enough. This will also help you prevent the air conditioner from breaking down from excessive wear and tear, and it can even help with energy efficiency.

Set Up a Smart Thermostat

If possible, consider buying a thermostat for your beach house that you can control from your smartphone. You don't want to spend the money to keep the beach house cool all the time when no one is going to be there, but you probably don't want to arrive to a hot beach house when you're supposed to be on vacation, either. Having a smart thermostat can help with both problems. You can keep the air conditioner off most of the time, but you can turn it on when you're on your way there so that you can arrive to a nice, cool house.

Anchor it Down

Many beach areas are prone to hurricanes during hurricane season, and you'll want to be prepared for this. Having your air conditioner strapped down with hurricane straps will help you make sure that it's kept in place when the strong winds of a hurricane make their appearance in the area. If you are able to get to your beach house to prepare it before a storm, you may also want to think about covering your outdoor unit with a piece of plywood or a tarp to help protect it from any flying debris in a tropical storm or hurricane, too.

Don't Skip Maintenance

Since it's not used as often as the air conditioning unit in your permanent home, you might not think that you need to focus as much on maintenance for your beach house's air conditioning system. However, the salty air and sand can have an impact on your outdoor unit. Therefore, having it cleaned and maintained each season is smart if you want to reduce wear and tear and make sure that your beach house's air conditioning unit works all summer long without problems.

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