Why Invest In A Propane Heating System?

Using propane to heat your home can provide you with many benefits. If you use electric heat or even baseboards, you should speak to your HVAC contractor about changing over to a more reliable and cost-effective heat source. Here are reasons to invest in a propane heating system.

A propane furnace is cost-effective

To heat your home with propane, you need to install a furnace. This cost can be somewhere around a few thousand dollars or more, depending on the square footage you want to cover. Since you can blow air directly from the furnace, you may not need to install vents around your home, which can save on costs. If you have a chimney already, you can save on the installation costs since you won't have to spend extra money on having a chimney put in.

You'll also want to have a propane tank installed outside your home so you can store your heating fuel for the colder seasons. Your HVAC specialist will give you an estimate for this type of home renovation.

Propane can save on energy costs

Baseboards and electric heat can get expensive. Furthermore, when you use electric heat to keep your home warm, you are limited in how you get your electricity and energy to keep your home warm. If your city only has one electric company to choose from, you are stuck with this service even if the costs are high.

Propane is a gas, and since you'll use a propane tank to supply your home's heating needs, you aren't limited in the company you choose to heat your home. You can opt to fill your propane tank periodically to keep minimal supply and to save money, or you can select to have your tank filled a few times a year so you always have access to your heat supply when you need it.

Another way propane saves on energy costs is this: propane prices, like gasoline and other natural resource prices, fluctuate with the economy, so you can choose to buy propane when costs are favorable and keep your supply full so you can bypass higher energy costs.

Your HVAC installation specialist will help you compare gas, electric, and propane heating styles to help you make your decision. When you effectively heat your home, you allow yourself to save money while staying warm during the colder seasons, which is the end goal you have for your energy consumption.