4 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Help Reduce Repair Costs And Prevent Replacement

 Furnace repairs can be an extra cost to add to your heating costs during the winter months, which can easily be avoided with good maintenance. In addition, regular furnace maintenance will also help prolong the life of your furnace and prevent the need to have it replaced. Here is some furnace maintenance to reduce repair costs and prevent replacement:

1. Cleaning and Changing the Filters Before Change of Seasons

One of the most basic parts of HVAC maintenance is changing the air filters, and this is also something that needs to be done first with your furnace. In addition to changing the filters before winter weather, occasionally check the filters and change them if needed throughout the coldest months of the year to ensure your heating is working good and reduce wear that can lead to costly repairs.

2. Checking Furnace Wiring for Damage and Wear That Needs Repairs

Furnace wiring can be damaged by things like heat, pests or just common wear. Therefore, it is important to inspect the wiring of your furnace before the winter months to ensure no repairs are needed and everything is working efficiently. If you do have problems with your furnace during the winter months, you may want to inspect the water for signs of damage wiring that can lead to some of these problems.

3. Cleaning Ducts, Vents and Blower to Ensure Your Heating Has Good Airflow

Cleaning the ducts and vents are also maintenance tasks that need to be done during the winter months. Cleaning these things and removing clutter that blocks vents will help improve airflow and the efficiency of your furnace. In addition, you may want to clean dust and dirt from the furnace's blower to further improve airflow and efficiency of your heating.

4. Cleaning the Pilot Light and Heating Elements During Winter for More Efficient Heating

Pilot lights are another area of furnaces that need to be maintained before and during the winter months. Before the winter months start, you will want to clean pilot lights and heating elements of your furnace to make sure they are working efficiently.  You may also want to occasionally clean the pilot light throughout the winter months, especially if you find you have problems with the pilot light going out.

These are some furnace maintenance tips to help reduce repair costs and the need to have your furnace replaced. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact a professional heating furnace repair service, like TCS Heating & Air Conditioning, to ensure your heater is working efficiently.