Warnings Signs That You Might Need a New Water Heater

Your water heater is basically a necessity for your household, but it can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to performing maintenance around the house. The moment you step into a surprisingly cold shower, however, should serve as quite the wake-up call. If you are wondering whether or not you might be due for a new water heater installation, here are a few things to look out for.

The Water is the Wrong Color

If you've ever turned on the water and seen something that does not look like water pour out, your water heater might be suffering from discoloration due to rust. First, double check that it is actually the hot water that is the problem. Try the cold water by itself and then the hot water all alone as well. If the discoloration only occurs during the hot water, you have a water heater that has likely developed so much rust along its sides that it is now corroding into the water supply itself. A new water heater is really the only fix a local plumbing service can provide once your water heater starts routinely getting rust into the water supply.

Your Energy Bill Suddenly Skyrockets

Obviously a high energy bill can be a result of a number of different things, but once you narrow down the potential culprits, don't be surprised if the problem is your water heater. As your water heater gets much older, it may become less and less efficient. If you can hear your water heater constantly turning on, something has likely gone very wrong. As the water heater decays it will become less and less efficient and will need to stay on longer and longer just to keep the water warm. If you are trying to pinpoint the source of your unexpectedly high energy bill, spend a day paying close attention to your water heater and you might have your answer.

It's Just Time

Even if you don't notice any significant issues with your water heater and get regular maintenance from a local plumbing service, you may eventually want to get a replacement simply because your current water heater is getting up there in years. We've already mentioned that age can lead to a less efficient heater, but if you haven't replaced your water heater in more than 10 years, you are likely missing out on new features that could further reduce your energy bill as well.

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