HVAC In The Family Caravan: Keeping Things Cool As You Roll Along

Most everything worth learning in life is learned through experience. Taking the entire family on an extended road trip around the country in a caravan of sorts is just the way to do it. Before you go, you should have an HVAC technician check the air conditioning in three locations that are important to making this life experience happen.

Check the A/C at Home  

After an extended road trip like the one you are planning, you will want to come home and collapse in the comfort of a well-air-conditioned home. To do that, your home's A/C needs to be checked and maintained. The HVAC technician can do this at the same time as the other air conditioning-related items you want him/her to check. When the house air conditioner is in excellent shape and ready to run (on its own a month or more), the technician can move on to the caravan's A/C.

Check the A/C in Your Camper/Winnebago/RV/etc.

Next, have the HVAC technician check the air conditioning in your mobile transport. In an RV, camper, etc., an HVAC technician only has to check the portable A/C unit and the directional flow into the living spaces of the vehicle. If the extended family will be joining you in similar vehicles, they can ask the technician to check their A/C as well. 

Check the Refrigeration in the Vehicle

Your caravan vehicle of choice contains a refrigerator. These refrigerators can break down. The last thing you want on this journey are toilets, showers, and refrigerators to not work. The technician can at least check the refrigerator for you and make sure that that is working. It will prevent the nightmare of having to buy several coolers and stopping often for bags of ice to prevent spoiled food and warm drinks because the fridge broke down.

While the technician is checking the fridge in your "caravan," he/she may as well check the fridge in your home as well. While it is a good idea to eat everything in the fridge and leave nothing to spoil prior to departing, that does not mean your fridge does not need a tune-up. It only takes a few extra minutes.

As for the Vehicle's Main A/C System

HVAC technicians do not check or maintain the main A/C system in such vehicles. For that, you will need to take the vehicle to a mechanic that specializes in vehicle A/C maintenance and repair. The mechanic will check the system and refill refrigerant and coolant so that the vehicle does not overheat and the A/C by the driver's seat will work the whole long trip.

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