4 Tips To Deal With AC Repairs Before Getting Ready For The Cold Winter Months

It is near the end of the summer, and your AC has been working hard to keep your home cool. The AC is going to have some wear, which will require maintenance and minor repairs. It is important to do the repairs now to ensure you are ready for the hot weather next summer and prevent damage from getting worse. Here are some tips to help deal with the AC repair needs before the winter weather arrives.

1. Cleaning the Unit to Prevent Winter Wear

Before the winter weather arrives, you want to clean your AC thoroughly. There is a lot of debris from trees and other things during the winter months that can cause damage to the unit. Therefore, you may want to use an AC cover to protect it during the winter months. In addition, make sure that they see you can breathe by leaving space around the cover for ventilation.  

2. Check Ductwork for Signs of Damage That Needs to Be Repaired

Throughout the year, ductwork for your HVAC may get worn and need to be repaired. Before you stop using your AC for the summer, inspect all the ducts to make sure they do not need to be repaired. You may need to do small repairs to the ducts before you begin using your heating during the cold winter months. You can simply use duct tape to patch tears in any areas of the ducts but if there's more serious damage to the insulation, you will want to have it replaced.  

3. Dealing with Freezing Problems as the Last Summer Heat Leaves

When your AC is working full-time to keep your home cold, this can cause condensation that freezes on condensate lines and the compressor of the unit. When this happens, your AC will not work efficiently, and you will want to thaw the ice to prevent damage to the unit. This may also mean that you need to have your AC cleaned and inspected before you quit using it for the year.

4. Inspect All the Electrical Connections and Wiring for Signs of Damage

Inspect all the electrical connections and wiring of your AC for signs of damage. This is something that may not only cause poor operation of your AC, but it can also affect your furnace and heating equipment. Replace or repair any frayed wires and contact a professional HVAC repair contractor if you notice serious damage.

These are some tips to deal with the AC maintenance and repair needs before the cold winter weather arrives. If you need help preparing your AC at the end of summer and hot weather, contact an air conditioning repair services company for help.