HVAC System Maintenance Suggestions

One of the things that can be expensive to replace in a house is the HVAC system. It is important to take care of your system by ensuring that repairs are made in a timely manner when they are needed. Preventing problems from developing altogether is another thing that you should consider. You should basically invest in regular maintenance for the system to ensure that all of the main parts are in good shape. This article explains some of the main areas of an HVAC system that you should keep a close eye on:

The Furnace

Heating your home via the HVAC system is possible due to the furnace being in place, and the system will not produce warm air if the furnace doesn't work. Keeping the furnace in order involves ensuring that the pilot orifice is functional, such as by getting it inspected for dirt clogs and rust. A flame has a difficult time pushing through clogs in the orifice. It is also ideal to get the burner inspected every now and then. Keep in mind that the specific type of maintenance that your furnace needs depends on the model, such as if it runs off of gas, oil, or electricity.

System Coils

The system coils are very important when it comes to cooling your house down. The main coil that you should be concerned about is the evaporator, as it is the main part of the system that provides air conditioning. An evaporator coil can stop functioning if it is severely rusty or covered in a lot of debris. There is also the condenser coil, which pulls warm air outside to assist with the air conditioner being more efficient. Coils should be occasionally inspected and cleaned by a professional, especially if you use the system a lot.

Air Handling Parts

The area of your system that handles air is important for both the heating and cooling aspect of your house. The fan and motor are the main parts of the air handler that requires attention every now and then. The fan will not spin without the motor running, and they both can stop functioning from an accumulation of dirt. The fan can also cause heating and cooling problems if the blades are damaged, such as bent out of shape. It is usually possible for damaged air handler parts to be replaced, which can be done in no time if a professional is hired.

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