How To Improve Your AC Airflow

When it comes to residential central air conditioning, airflow is very important. Even if you have the most modern and energy efficient appliances on the market, they could have weak airflow for a number of unrelated reasons. That is, other components within your central AC system can dramatically reduce the airflow into your rooms. Many of these problems are actually easily repaired if you are looking for some easy and worthwhile DIY work. Here is the best way to make sure the airflow coming into your home is not being hampered in any way.

Start at the Source

First, you want to start at the source. The cold air runs from the condenser unit outside of your house and into the furnace or air pump. So, you want to first make sure that there is nothing slowing down the transfer of air between the condenser and furnace. You will see a hose that connects the back of your condenser to the wall of your property. This is a thin aluminum hose, so it is vulnerable. It can get bent and kinked if anything falls on it. The fittings on either end can also get knocked off if the condenser is shifted or moved around. In rare instances, the hose can get holes in it if a rodent chews through it. Basically, there are quite a few things that can happen to your condenser hose, so it is smart to always monitor it and change it as soon as you notice something wrong.

Check the Furnace

Some people mistakenly think that the furnace is just part of the heating system. In reality, it is used to pump the cooled air into your ducts. So, it is really the most important component when it comes airflow. The key to good furnace airflow is a clean furnace filter and pump. Usually the pump only gets dirty and slow if the filter is not replaced in a timely manner. Most filters should be replaced at least once a year. You can simply check your filter to make sure it is clean.

Check the Registers

The last, and easiest, thing to do is to check the registers. Make sure not only that all of the registers are open, check to see if there are any dust blockages. Dirty registers can greatly reduce your airflow, so you might need to remove them from the wall and give them a good cleaning  

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