Three Questions About Common Air Conditioning Topics

Modern air conditioning systems can be extremely effective and efficient at cooling homes. However, these systems come in various different types and styles, which can make it hard to be informed. Yet having a basic and working understanding of these systems can be essential for allowing you to maximize the comfort of your home. Check out three common questions you may have about AC.

Why Is It Important To Leave Air Conditioner Repairs And Installation To Licensed Contractors?

Repairing your air conditioning system or installing a new unit will be a task that you should never attempt without a licensed professional. This work can be extremely dangerous to both you and the structure. The various moving parts of the system and the electricity flowing through it can both cause potentially life threatening injuries. When these repairs are not completed correctly, your home may also be at a risk of suffering fire damage due to electrical fires starting.

How Do Central And Ductless Systems Differ?

When you are looking to upgrade from window unit air conditioners, you will need to consider whether a central or ductless system will be the strong fit for your needs. A central air conditioning system can allow you to cool the entire interior with a single unit, but it will require a large network of air ducts to be placed throughout the home. This can make this option less practical for those that live in smaller houses. In contrast, ductless air conditioning systems avoid this need through the use of tubing that will transport cooled air into the room. Due to the smaller size of this tubing and the design of these cooling units, you will need to have one in each room that will be cooled. However, this can allow you to easily zone your home for different temperature ranges.

Will Adding An Air Conditioning System Increase The Demands On The Electrical Wiring Of Your Home?

When you have a central or ductless air conditioning system, it is important to appreciate the energy demands that these systems can place on your wiring. For example, homes that have older wiring may need to undergo some electrical upgrades before being able to accommodate these systems. Failing to have these upgrades made can contribute to sizable damage to your wiring, which can lead to a fire starting. Also, it can prevent the air conditioning system from functioning at peak efficiency due to a lack of electricity. An electrical audit will be able to provide you with guidance as to whether your current wiring can accommodate this upgrade as well as the changes that need to be made if the wiring's capacity is too low.

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