Water Spraying Out Of Your Pipes? How To Take Care Of Emergency Repairs

When it comes to plumbing problems, even a simple pipe leak can lead to serious flooding issue, especially if it's not tended to quickly. If one of your pipes has sprung a leak, you'll need to take evasive action, as quickly as possible. Here are three simple fixes you can use to repair those minor leaks until the plumber can get out to your house. Before you start any repairs, it's important that you turn the water off at the house. This will prevent any further water damage:

Plug it Up

If you've got a small hole in your pipe, stick a pencil, or another small item, into the hole, and break it off at the base. Once the hole is plugged, apply a layer of silicone glue around the hole, and then wrap duct tape around the pipe. That will seal the hole until you can call the plumber. Depending on the size of the hole, you may need to find another object that will fit in the space, then follow the rest of the procedure.

Wrap it Up

If there's a crack in the pipe, you'll need to stop the flow of water, as soon as possible. First, wrap the pipe in a piece of foam or rubber. An old pool noodle or a bicycle inner-tube will work well. Wrap the piece around the pipe, and then secure the pipe using one or two pipe clamps. This will close the crack until the plumber can come out to make the permanent repairs.

Seal it Up

If the pipes are cracked in several places, such as can happen when the pipes freeze, you'll need to seal the cracks on a larger scale. For this, you'll need epoxy, and pipe wraps. You can purchase these items from the local home improvement center. First, clean the damaged area, and then dry it well with a clean towel. Apply a layer of epoxy glue to the surface of the damaged area. Once the epoxy dries, place a pipe wrap over the area and secure it with pipe clamps. The pipe is similar to the measures used for smaller damage. However, the pipe wraps will hold larger cracks more securely.

Call the Plumber

Once you've taken care of the emergency repairs on your damaged pipes, you'll need to get the plumbing contractor out to your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, your plumber may need to replace the pipes in your home.

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