Four Common Problems With Window Air Conditioner Installation

If you are considering purchasing a new window-mounted air conditioning unit, you might be considering the opportunity to install the unit on your own. The truth is that installing this type of AC unit can be a struggle for somebody who has never installed a similar unit in the past. There are plenty of reasons you need to know that your AC unit is installed correctly. First of all, you want to protect the device you just spent a lot of money to purchase. Second, there are safety issues involved, especially if you live in a tall building. Installation mistakes are common, and these are issues you need to be aware of.

Improper Sizing 

Many people do not realize that they are purchasing window units that are the improper size. When an AC is not installed in the window correctly, it is not running as efficiently as it should be. A bigger AC unit does not necessarily make it more desirable. This depends entirely on your room and capacity. Large units that are forced to turn on and off all day are not nearly as efficient as smaller units that run for longer periods of time.

Unsafe Weight Distribution

Installing an air conditioner is much more than sliding the unit into the window space and leaving it be.You do not want the window to be responsible for holding the entire weight of the AC unit, as they can easily warp or break. This means that during installation of the AC unit, you also need to attach some support to evenly distribute and hold the unit's weight. Some houses also use L-brackets and shelves to prevent damage to the window or house.


When your AC unit is not installed in a window evenly, water is not directed toward the proper drainage channels. Instead, water is directed elsewhere and creates problems eliminating water as the unit needs to do.

No Window Insulation

When your window does not allow for proper insulation, your AC unit has to work much harder just to keep the room cooled down efficiently. Insulating foam may be enough in some cases, but not all. Some homes use plastic curtains to keep their homes the perfect temperature inside.

There are many people who install their own window units, correctly or incorrectly, but this does not mean that you have to DIY. Professional HVAC specialists can install your unit, avoiding these common mistakes altogether.