Health & Heating: 4 Personal Advantages of Using Radiant Heat Flooring

Choosing a heating option for your home comes with several factors including costs, efficiency, and the environmental impact. Another huge factor that should be made in your home heating decision is health. The type of heating that you choose for your home can have an impact on your health, both negatively and positively. As you seek health benefits with your heating solution, one of the best options is radiant heat flooring. The flooring technology distributes heat through water tubes or electrical wires that are placed underneath your flooring. This type of heat can be added to nearly any room in the home and comes with multiple health advantages over other heating options.

Skin Health

When using an alternative heating option like baseboard heaters or duct heaters, the air in your home can quickly dry out. This can result in dry and scaly skin throughout all of the winter months. Instead of dealing with dry skin, you can choose a radiant heat option that will not dry the air out. The air is not as impacted through radiant heat flooring. The radiant heat starts at ground level and makes it way upward without a large impact on the natural humidity in the room. This can make a huge difference through the long winter months and through any skin ailments that you may suffer through during dry season weather.


Forced-air heating doesn't just provide warmth to a home, it can also carry dust and particles through the air. For someone with allergies, this can create major problems during the winter months. With windows and doors constantly being shut, the air quality in your home is important for your health. The use of radiant heat flooring doesn't require any ducts or an impact on the dust and particles that are present in the air. If you suffer from allergies, this can make a big difference on your ability to breathe properly and enjoy the everyday moments within your home. Along with small particles, the use of radiant heat can also prevent things like animal hairs from getting blown into the air.

Immune System

As winter approaches, so does flu season. When colds attack, it's important to have a strong immune system that can fight off the different ailments in our body. One way to help your immune system is to constantly have warm feet. Studies have shown that cold feet can lower your immune system and make you more prone to catching different diseases. Radiant heat flooring can directly help your immune system because it applies heat directly to your feet. When the flooring is installed in your bedroom, it's nice to get out of bed and step on flooring that is already warm. When enjoying the comfort of your living room, you can walk around barefoot and still feel the warmth that comes up through the floor.

Sleeping & Body Rest

Traditional home heating can be very loud and disruptive. In the middle of the night, the sound of a furnace kicking on may wake you up from your sleep and cause disturbances. The same can be set for baseboard heaters that click and creek or vents that turn on to blow air through. All of these noises can disturb your sleep. Radiant floor heating is an ideal solution because it almost completely silent. Your home is provided with plenty of heat while staying silent all throughout the night. This allows you to get a full night's rest without any unnecessary sleep disturbances. The radiant heat can turn on and off without any audible indications. This can also help you during the day when taking a nap or resting on a couch.

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