4 Home Storage Areas That You Should Add Air Conditioning Vents To

A central air conditioning unit is a great way to cool off your whole home, especially during hot summer months. And an HVAC contractor has the ability to expand the cooling vents and add additional spaces for cooling. There are four storage areas in the home where adding a vent comes with many advantages. The cool air supplied in these areas can make a huge difference when dealing with major heat and some of the problems associated with it. By contacting an air conditioning repair service company, the upgrades and installations can be made to add cool flowing air to each of these areas.

Clothing Closets

During warm months, closets can become hot and humid, impacting the condition of clothing and shoes that are stored in there. To help keep your clothes in pristine condition, you can have an air conditioning vent installed inside of a closet area. This type of vent will work in a standard closet along with a larger walk-in closet. It's recommended that clothing stays in a cool and dry area of around 75 degrees. An air conditioning vent can help reduce this temperature and help eliminate humidity found in the closet. This is especially helpful for sensitive pieces of clothing like wool, leather, and silk. Clothes in the closet should also not be too overcrowded so the air can easily flow through them and provide proper ventilation. When the vent is used in a walk-in closet, it creates a nice and comfortable atmosphere to get dressed in without getting too sweaty.

Food Pantries

Keep food fresh by adding a small air conditioning vent inside of your food pantry. During the summer months, increased heat and humidity can lead to problems for food including the growth of mold and bacteria. The presence of humidity and moisture in the air can also lead to rusting cans or deteriorating food boxes. An air conditioning vent can supply an ideal temperature of below 70 degrees and keep all of your food as fresh as possible. This is great for storing canned goods, boxes of cereal, and random snacks that are kept in the pantry. The cool air will eliminate the extra moisture and increase the amount of time that you can keep the food stored for.

Media Closets & Entertainment Centers

The media technology in your home can be impacted by extreme heat. Even if your living room has air conditioning vents, adding a vent directly near the entertainment center or inside of a media closet can provide the extra cooling needed for a lot of equipment. Cable boxes, DVR set tops, surround sound systems, and video game consoles can all overheat if they are not properly cooled off during the summer months. Problems include freezing consoles, burned out motors, and television viewing issues. Adding an extra vent in the area can keep wires and components cooled for optimal performance. It can also help prevent damage that occurs when things like game discs, Blu-Rays, and DVDs overheat. Data can be lost and the discs can become unplayable if the heat has damaged them too much.

Attic Storage Areas

If you use your attic for storage, then you may want to consider adding an air conditioning vent into this area. During the summer months, attics can reach temperatures up to 160 degrees. This can dramatically impact the condition of stored items like old toys, clothes, and even holiday decorations. By supplying a vent into the attic, the warm air can be pushed out of the attic and even help with the temperatures in the rest of the home. An HVAC contractor can help add additional exhaust vents that push the warm air out and keep your whole attic cooled down during extreme weather.

Contact an HVAC contractor for estimates on the various new vents that can get installed in your home.