6 Benefits Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an alternative to traditional heaters and air conditioners and have been growing dramatically in popularity in recent years. In fact, studies show purchases of heat pumps have grown around 20 percent per year annually for the last couple years. Heat pumps work by pumping heat into the home, circulating it in the winter, and pumping it out of the home during the hotter months. Here are six benefits of heat pumps to consider:

Only One System for Both Heating and Cooling

One of the major perks of switching to a heat pump is that you only need one heat pump to handle both your heating and cooling needs. This means you will only have the expense and hassle of having one unit installed and also save money and time on maintenance since you won't be maintaining both an air conditioner and a heater. Heat pumps also tend to be quieter and cleaner than furnaces or air conditioning units, making your home more pleasant year-round.

More Energy-Efficient

Since heat pumps don't use energy to create heat or cool air, instead using the air outside, they are incredibly efficient. In fact, they can deliver as much as three times the heat energy to a home than the amount of energy they use. This means that for every dollar of electricity they use, a heat pump will generate two or three dollars' worth of heating or cooling.

Heat pumps are especially efficient in milder climates without harsh winters, although newer models of heat pumps are now being developed specifically for colder climates. Since heat pumps use less energy than traditional furnaces or air conditioning units, you will most likely see decent savings on your electric bills once you make the switch. You will also have increased peace of mind from knowing your heat pump's energy efficiency is better for the environment, keeping your family's overall carbon footprint smaller.

May Be Eligible for Tax Incentives

Since heat pumps are more energy-efficient than traditional heaters, the government has added them to the list of household appliances that are sometimes eligible for tax incentives. If your heat pump qualifies, you can receive a tax incentive of 30 percent of the cost of your unit, making the initial purchase much more affordable.

Distribute Heat and Cool Air More Evenly

Heat pumps pump hot or cold air evenly throughout your home. This means you won't have to experience uncomfortable "cold spots" in your house during the winter, or areas that feel uncomfortably hot in the summer.

Heat Pumps are Comfortable

Many customers find that heat pumps contribute to a more comfortable home in general, in addition to their heating and cooling capabilities. Unlike some gas furnaces, heat pumps are odorless. They also do not need to use oxygen in order to work, which means they don't give that stuffy feeling to the air that furnaces often do.

Since heat pumps circulate air through a filter system, some people find that they help remove things like dust, pet hair, smoke, and other potential irritants from the air. This can be especially beneficial for people with allergies or asthma.

Heat Pumps Are Safer

Unlike traditional furnaces, heat pumps create heat or cool air without any flame or combustion. This makes them much safer, since there is no risk of a heat pump causing a fire. In addition, with a heat pump there is no hot surface for you, your children or pets to accidentally make contact with like there is with a regular furnace.

When considering these potential benefits, contact a company like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc. if you have specific questions about how heat pumps work.