Sewer Video Inspection For Better Drain Cleaning

There are a number of ways that you can go about cleaning out your drains. An exciting, relatively new way to make sure that your drains are adequately clean is to hire the services of a professional who can perform a sewer video inspection for you. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn what exactly a sewer video inspection is, what problems a sewer video inspection can identify for you, what video inspection can detect, and what the benefits of video inspection are.

What Is Sewer Video Inspection?

Sewer video inspection consists of specially made, waterproof cameras that can go into certain areas of your home that are quite difficult to reach; these areas consist of sewer lines and other pipes that are otherwise underground, encased in cement, or underneath the foundation of your home.

These cameras are anywhere from 2 to 36 inches in diameter and are attached to a long flexible rod that can easily navigate the inner reaches of lines that are otherwise hard to reach and even more difficult to inspect. A real time video feed that is sent back to a monitor on which you can easily see the contents of the sewer line.

What Problems Can Video Inspection Identify?

A video camera can easily identify problems that were sometimes the sole provenance of educated guesswork. Everything from a misaligned pipe to a root intrusion are easily able to be identified thanks to the use of camerawork. Grease buildup, leaks and other obstructions are all other phenomenon that a sewer video inspection can easily identify. The process can be performed after any inspection to make sure that the problem was adequately taken care of. In addition, this hardware can be used before purchasing a home to ensure that there are no sewer or drain related issues with the home.

What Can Video Inspection Detect?

In addition to the litany of problems that a sewer video inspection can detect, there are a number of other things that such a line can easily detect. Since these devices are waterproof, you can run water down the drain and send the video line to detect whether you are receiving adequate water pressure throughout your lines. In addition, these video lines can easily tell you the origin of a leak due to being able to follow the travels of the water. If any small pets have made their way down a drain, a sewer video inspection can easily detect their whereabouts, making drain removal no longer a guessing game and more of an exact science.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Inspection?

Perhaps the most important benefit of sewer video inspection is the fact that there is no longer any guessing game involved in the process of drain inspection. Prior to sewer video inspections, many times, a plumber would have to make an educated guess regarding the origin of a problem. Although he or she would have been right most of the time based on lots of experience, they wouldn't have had 100% efficiency. Video inspections have ensured that you can easily determine the exact problem with a sewer drain or other pipe present in your home or office.

Sewer video inspections are a highly effective way to determine the origin of a problem with your drain. Not only is it effective, but it is relatively inexpensive and is quickly becoming an industry standard. The next time you have sewer issues, contact a local sewer inspection company to see if they offer video inspection.

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